Tax Investigation Service

HM Revenue and Customs are under pressure to raise revenue and are therefore carrying out more and more investigations. They may conduct an enquiry or investigation into your business or personal affairs at any time and you may be chosen at random.

Disputes with HMRC can be lengthy, stressful and costly. The professional fees for attending to all aspects of the work and responding to HMRC’s enquiries can quickly spiral. Even if you are completely exonerated and found to owe no further tax at all, you will still have to pay the professional fees incurred in us handling your case.

Our insurance backed tax investigation service offers peace of mind and cover against the cost of our professional fees arising out of defending HMRC disputes including those into Personal Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT and PAYE.

We believe that this service makes sense and is the best way to protect yourself from these unwelcome costs, should you be selected for investigation.  For the year ended 31 March 2021, we have been able to secure cover for Edmund Carr LLP which enables us to provide an insurance backed tax investigation service which clients can decide to subscribe to if they wish.

If you subscribe and are selected for an investigation or enquiry, we will defend you in order to deliver the optimum result.  In summary, we will

  • Respond to HMRC on your behalf
  • Deal with all correspondence
  • Prepare and defend your case
  • Negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

We believe the annual costs of the service reflects excellent value for money. The fees for providing the service for 20120/21 are as follows:-

  • Limited companies* and partnerships* - £116.60 incl VAT
  • Sole trader income only (turnover in excess of £15,000) - £90.60 incl VAT
  • Sole trader (with gross rental income in excess of £50,000 pa) – £140.40 incl VAT
  • Personal tax/trust clients (incl sole traders with turnover up to £15,000) - £42.00 incl VAT
  • Personal tax clients (with gross rental income in excess of £50,000) - £92.40 incl VAT

*The prices for limited companies and partnerships include any enquiries for Directors/Partners personal tax returns (where prepared by Edmund Carr) unless their gross income from rental properties exceeds £50,000 or they have other self-employment income with turnover exceeding £15,000. In each of these cases an additional fee of £51.00 incl VAT will be payable.

If you require any information on the service then please contact Patricia Drain

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