Share valuations

For a variety of reasons, you may need to ascertain the monetary value or stocks and shares in unquoted companies.  Some examples might be to issue share options to employees, or be due to change in ownership when shares are transferred between different parties.  Some reasons may be less obvious but for whatever reason you need to take the advice of an expect as share valuations can be complex and expert knowledge is required in ensuring the most tax efficient approach is taken and  for compliance and legislation reasons. 

Edmund Carr can help with:

  • Calculations for CGT or IHT purposes
  • Valuations of a deceased persons interest for probate and IHT purposes
  • To ascertain individuals assets in divorce situations
  • Understanding the full extent of an individual or family’s financial affairs
  • Communicating with HMRC Shares and Assets Valuations (SAV) Department.
Alison McDowall Debbie Wakefield

Please contact Debbie Wakefield or Alison McDowall  or call 01245 261818 for more information.