Medical Sector

Our specialists in this sector are Debbie Wakefield, Francis Whitbread assisted by Alison McDowall, Manager and Emma Wood, Assistant Manager, all take a “hands on” role in dealing with medical practices.

Edmund Carr offer a specialist accounting service to GPs and other medical professionals.
GP Work Programme
The annual work we put in for our GP clients.
GP Trouble Shooter
In the increasingly stressful world of GP practice, with ever more pressures on profitability it is very difficult to take a step back and see whether the practice is operating efficiently. Are procedures fit for purpose, and is there an effective system of communication throughout the practice so everyone knows who is doing what? Even if things appear to be working well, scratching beneath the surface will often expose inefficiencies that are costing the practice money.
Medical Articles
Articles designed for those that work in the medical profession.
Our Range of Services
A list of the range of services that we offer our clients who work in the medical sector.
What Our Clients Say About Us
See what our clients in the medical profession say about us.