Our Range of Services

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We understand that the medical profession is unique to other businesses and our specialist team offer a range of services specifically for GPs. These services include:

  • Annual accounts, tax return production and annual certificates of pensionable profits
    We adopt a structured approach to these tasks with a series of key tasks and target dates for each practice year. Our annual GP work programme gives an example of this.
  • Calculation of partners’ suggested annual drawings
    As part of our annual work programme we carry out an initial review of suggested partners’ drawings in advance of the accounting year and monitor these during the year to ensure they are set at the correct level.
  • Annual comparisons
    We provide accounts information and statistical comparisons both with AISMA benchmarks and our own internal survey prepared from our GP client list
  • Tax advice
    This covers a range of areas from tax compliance such as keeping GP clients up to date with current HMRC attitudes to expense claims, to estate and inheritance tax planning.
  • Specialist accounting work
    As an example we have recently assisted one of our client practices with the financial aspects of two bids they have submitted for additional sources of income for the practice.
  • Newsletters
    We produce two newsletters each year for our GP clients, setting out matters of interest on current topics which GPs and practice managers should be considering.
  • Other services
    In addition to the above we offer payroll and bookkeeping services, specifically for GP practices and can also assist with business planning and forecasts. For Independent Financial Advice visit www.ECFSLtd.co.uk.