Statutory Audits

A key part of an audit is to identify any potential threats of theft or fraud through poor internal controls and to ensure that the accounts show a true and fair view. We believe that by evaluating the internal controls and systems of a business and checking that they are operating effectively we will help to eliminate the risk of material misstatements and the risk of fraud or theft. Where we identify weaknesses in these controls or can suggest alternative procedures, we believe this adds value to our audit.

Sometimes an audit can seem to be a burden by a company, that it is an added cost that brings no value. However we like to work closely with the Accounts Department and Directors and hope they realise that we are working with them, rather than against them. We audit to help the company rather than to identify their flaws.  Our approach is to assess all aspects of the business and to give our help and advice rather than just to number crunch.

A good audit can help grow and add value to your business as the financial statements can be viewed by many sources, such as potential customers, investors etc and so it is important to ensure that these accurately reflect your business.

We also deal with a number of audits in specialist areas, such as Pension schemes, Charities, Solicitors and FCA clients where we have dedicated staff trained in these specific areas. The rules and regulations of these specialist audits are constantly being updated and changed and therefore it is important that your business is complying with the most current rules. We believe that we can assist and advise and help avoid unnecessary reports of breaches to the various authorities.

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