In today’s fast paced world many companies are becoming aware of the benefits of outsourcing key areas of their business. Bookkeeping is such a role that should be considered as something that can be put into the hands of a third party. Historically many companies would employ a bookkeeper who would liaise with an accountant at year end and transfer data in order for accounts to be prepared. The accountant would make amendments which could take a considerable time and incur additional fees.

With the use of modern technology, the trend is for these activities to be outsourced. The benefits in doing so are to free up employees (or directors) from this time consuming task, which would allow for them to be better utilised elsewhere within the company, to reduce overheads and most importantly to streamline and simplify the input of data making the production of yearly (or more frequent) accounts smoother and quicker.

Edmund Carr has dedicated staff to deal with bookkeeping and we use various industry approved software packages. We currently recommend Xero and are a Xero Platinum Partner with Xero Certified Staff. Xero is a modern cloud accountancy technology that offers many advantages, the main being real time information using automation and AI, with dual complimentary access for both the company and its accountants/bookkeepers.

We are happy to work with you on any software you are currently using. Just a sample of some of the ways we can help are:

  • Regular or short term bookkeeping assistance
  • VAT return preparation and timely management accounts
  • Automation of your bookkeeping, including bank feed and conversion assistance
  • Planning, forecasting, budgeting including Cash flow
  • Software training at our offices or yours
  • Working with you to find the best automation software and apps for your business
  • Evaluating and assisting on your current bookkeeping processes
  • Cover for temporary staff shortages

To discuss how best we can assist you please contact Sandra Morrell or complete the contact form below and someone will contact you.

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