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What is UK200Group & what does it mean for our clients

Established in 1986, UK200Group is the UK’s leading quality assured, mutual professional association of independent accountants and lawyers. Our membership requires a commitment by us to provide our clients with a very high standard of professionalism and service, no matter what type of work we do for you. We are reviewed annually to ensure that the Practice delivers these services consistently.

Being a member of UK200Group means being part of a large but close quality assurance community offering access to a vast resource of knowledge and expertise in specialist industry sectors and technical business matters.

The group is structured in such a way that member firms with specific niche market experience have the opportunity to join a Specialist Industry Group, allowing all members to benefit from training courses and discussions with experts in the field. Our partners Ray Crace, Eric Williams and Debbie Wakefield are on the Special Industry Group Committee’s for the following sectors - Agriculture, Charities, Healthcare.

The Group also has Technical panels which are made up of individual accountants of member firms who meet the criteria in technical qualifications and achievements in their particular field of expertise. Francis Whitbread is a member of the Tax panel.

The UK200Group also provides global links through both its international associates and affiliate membership with The International Association of Practicing Accountants (IAPA). This combined international reach allows us access to over 250 firms throughout 50 countries.

IAPA - a global association of independent accountancy firms


IAPA International is a leading global accounting association and represents the combined strength of over 160 independent accounting and business advisory firms covering some 230 offices in 65 countries worldwide. IAPA member firms are united by their common skills and attributes, providing a wide range of industry sector expertise and business services, with a commitment to high quality and ethical accounting/business solutions.

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UK200Group is an association of separate and independently owed and managed accountancy and lawyer firms. UK200Group does not provide client services and it does no accept responsibility or liability for the acts of omissions of its members. Likewise, the members of UK200Group are separate and independent legal entities, and as such each has no responsibility or liability for the acts or omissions of other members.