Specialist Services

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We recognise that the medical profession is unique to other businesses and we have established a team of specialists headed by our partners Alison Mcdowall and Debbie Wakefield. In addition to accountancy and taxation services we provide comparatives of practice income and statistics, drawings calculations, personal expense claims, superannuation and advice on partnership deeds.


Our clients come from practitioners, associates, locums and multi dentist practices. We have a full understanding of the needs of dentists and have experienced knowledge in this specialist field. Debbie Wakefield is the partner in charge of our team.

FCA Regulated businesses

We act for number of clients regulated by the FCA. These include all levels of authorisation and those that deal in both investment businesses and general insurance. We are approved by the FCA as a firm suitable for auditing these clients and advise on all aspects of compliance and RMAR returns. Please contact our partner Stewart Martin for more information.


Our client base includes a number of charities both large and small, and we continue to build up a detailed knowledge of clients in this sector. We can advise on preparation and audit of accounts under the Charities SORP, and assist in establishing internal bookkeeping systems to ensure your income and expenses are recorded in accordance with restricted specification. For more details contact our partner Sandra Morrell.

Pensions audits

We have been actively involved in the preparation of Pension Scheme accounts for well over 20 years. From an early stage we recognised that the audit of Pension Schemes is distinct from many other audits and established a partner led team under Stewart Martin and his assistant Ben Wenzel. We have an excellent knowledge of the rules and regulations for auditing and reporting and work with many different Administrators in this field. Our clients range from 2 to 3 persons schemes to schemes with over 2500 members.

Farming & agriculture

In recent years the farming industry has seen many changes to their way of life and business success. We, together with our clients continue to help with all aspects of the impact on the farming community from the Single Farm Payment to diversification. We recognise how important it is to keep your tax plans under regular review and up-to-date. The family is a key part of the business of many farms, with the need to ensure that transfer of ownership passes smoothly from one generation to the next.

Business integration

Many business will often come to a point in time when they will consider purchasing or selling their or other businesses. Edmund Carr's specialist knowledge of business integration can help with all aspects involved. We often deal with due diligence work, business plans and taxation advice to ensure our clients get the best from these transactions. For more information speak to either partner Stewart Martin.


With schools taking over control of finances from the LEA and converting to academy status, Edmund Carr is well placed to assist in this process. We are aware from our vast experience that taking charge of finances is not something that appeals to everyone and also that contemplating changes in authority is not an easy subject to come to terms with. If you would like to know more about the services we offer to academies contact either Tom York or Stewart Martin.

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to speak to us direct then call us on 01245 261818. Or if you would prefer, ask us a question online.